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Aneh Palu is Indonesian for “Weird Hammer” and is a combination of various skill sets from the Filipino arts of Kali, Arnis, Eskrima and Kuntaw and from the Indonesian art of Pencak Silat. It is a well-rounded art which will teach practitioners to be well-versed in the various ranges of combat.

The evolution of the art began with Guru Brandt Smith upon the founding of Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts. At that time, KSMA’s primary curricula were Aneh Palu Kali, Sadiq Kuntao-Silat and Pencak Silat Raja Monyet. Over time, the elements of these systems were incorporated in to one art that became Aneh Palu Kali-Silat.

The base of the art is movement. Rooting oneself does not allow for the body to act as it needs when in a confrontation. Whether you are attacking or being attacked, you must be able to move. Not only should you move, but move in a way which will be an advantage to what you need to accomplish. Think of it as body english. This will enable you to deal with common attacks and the angles they occur.

Weapons are an integral part of both Kali and Pencak Silat. A variety of edged, impact, flexible and improvised weapons are integrated into the art as well as developing an understanding about how they differ in the realm of body mechanics. Weapon skills are taught concurrently with empty hand skills.

The empty hand aspects of Aneh Palu take advantage of position and can at any time look like Western boxing to standing grappling. From the movement that is the base comes the use of the proper attack or defense for the situation.

Aneh Palu Kali-Silat can enhance known expertise or be the basis for developing your own way of expression with the movements, as well as providing you with the skills to use as survival tactics. Your training will give you a knowledge of improvisational strategy as opposed to set techniques. This will allow you to better deal with a variety of opponents. More benefits can be found in this blog post.

One aspect of the arts of the Philippines that sticks out was described by Mark Wiley in his book, Arnis, Reflections on the History and Development of the Filipino Martial Arts: “...Filipino martial arts are more concerned with individualism and application than lineage and the establishment of a system’s name.”

Aneh Palu is just a name and the information and skills one learns should be integrated into who they are. It becomes their art.


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