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Lung Quai Yi Pai means Dragon Spirit School of Thought in Chinese. When one approaches anything in life, the best way to excel is to go at it with everything you have. In some ways, this is my interpretation of Taoism, yet there is definitely much more to my philosophy. I see this way of thinking as a process of discovery that only you can know. It is also about having a long view with the knowledge that some things take time and effort to accomplish.

By using the martial arts as a vehicle of discovery, I feel I can help people live a more deliberate life.

This is my way of life, and it will rub off on you somehow. You could take away bits and pieces and incorporate them into your daily living, or you can jump in whole heartedly and explore. It is up to you, and I won’t make that decision for you.

How I came to this way of thinking was initially through the writings of Bruce Lee. It is an homage to him that I call this way of thinking the Dragon Spirit School of Thought. Throughout his movie career, Bruce Lee was often associated with dragons. Bruce Lee introduced me via his words to his influences, and I was particularly inspired by Alan Watts. I have read many thoughts on living life fully and those all go through the filter of who I am to help me be a better person.

Our paths meander and cross and on occasion we share the road, but ultimately we walk on our own. At this moment to you, I am merely a guide. The cool thing is you influence me as well! Our lives are about relating to each other in some way and understanding the dynamic of those relationships.

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