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Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts - Des Moines is a private martial arts school with a limited number of students. The reasons for this are two-fold. Space and dedication of the student. I have little room for a large group and one must commit to learning what we are teaching and not treat this as some hobby. Potential students may contact us to arrange an offsite interview to see if this is a good fit for the school.

We train in Aneh Palu Kali-Silat. Kali is one of the more common names of Filipino martial arts, along with Arnis and Eskrima. Those that have heard of it, generally consider it to be a stick-based art. While the art does use rattan sticks, they are just one aspect of the art which also includes kicking, boxing, in-fighting and grappling. Fundamental to the art is movement. The ability to avoid or place oneself in an advantageous position lays the foundation to being able to end things quickly.

Pencak Silat hails from the Indonesian archipelago and has a number of styles from that region. Like Kali, these arts place an emphasis on movement and feature aspects from kicking to grappling. There is a brutal efficiency to Pencak Silat in its flowing movements that really must be experienced to appreciate. Pencak Silat also incorporates various weapons.

At Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts, the attitude is laid back but the training serious. If you sometimes feel as if you don’t fit in at most places, then this is the place for you. Rank is not as important as understanding the material. Knowing who you are and expressing yourself are the goals.

I have been in the martial arts for over 40 years; I have met and trained under instructors of every kind. But, the ones that have given me the most were the ones who:

1. Weren't drill sergeants,
2. Weren't into themselves,
3. Didn't look like they were anything,
4. Didn't wear fancy uniforms or wear tons of patches.

What makes a good instructor is the innate ability to answer questions and to make the material easy to understand. Anyone can read from a book and expect you to learn.

Jay is one of those instructors who is real, knows the material, likes to twist and turn it to make it interesting, and knows what he knows and can share it easily. I have trained under him many times and find his approach to teaching similar to mine.

Would I pay to learn from him? Yes.
Would I seek his advice? Yes.
Do I respect the man? Very much so.
What more can you ask for from a teacher or even a friend?

Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith
Maharlika Kuntaw
Head Instructor Filipino Martial Arts
Northwestern Michigan College

Jay Carstensen's guidance as an instructor and mentor has enabled me to be a healthier, happier, and more confident person.  He enabled me to find the strength within myself to make better decisions and find my path to a fulfilling life.  Through him I learned to live my life deliberately and with purpose.

Jason Randolph

Jay Carstensen is an excellent teacher in martial arts. He can bridge the gap between drilling for skill and application in real life. He is also one of the most generous people with his knowledge I know.

One thing that really sets him apart is his ability to seek new knowledge and insights from any source that will help his students. I am very proud to have been affiliated with Jay for many years, and count him as one of my closest friends and associates. I would highly recommend studying with him.

Terry Trahan
Head Instructor
Applied Self Defense Silat

I have been training with Jay Carstensen at seminars and workshops for several years now. I even took advantage of an opportunity to visit and train with him in Des Moines on a cross-country trip a couple of years back. I typically judge the quality of an instructor by watching and interacting with their students. I have enjoyed working out with Jay's top students over the years and am quite impressed when I see teachers and students continually seeking to stretch their boundaries and explore their own art more deeply. Jay and his crew have been consistently been doing this since I met him and I am sure he will continue.

I can give him my recommendation for anyone looking to begin or expand an exploration of themselves and of the martial arts.

Will "Buddha" Weatherby

I have known Jay for over 15 years as a martial arts guide, training partner and most importantly a friend.

I can confirm that he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his family and work, and is entirely peace loving. Furthermore, Jay has a long history of helping others recognize and reach their goals, whether in training or in life.

All my experiences with Jay lead me to confidently say that your experiences with him will help you in your journey through life. Worst-case scenario, you will get a greater understanding of yourself and learn a little self defense in the process.

Chris Redmond
KSMA - Nebraska Representative

Jay Carstensen is easily one of the most skilled practitioners I have had the pleasure of training under.
He definitely has the knowledge to take your skills to the next level.  

Aaron Hills

For martial arts practitioners that want to move beyond regimented systems and traditions to get to the truth of combat, I can't recommend Jay Carstensen enough. His eclectic level of knowledge in martial art theory, practice, and instruction is truly unique in the combatives community. Lastly, his holistic approach goes beyond combatives to applications in all aspects of life.

Jason Bousquet

Dear prospective knowledge seeker,
My name is Ian Robbins and this is my testimony that you have found a talented martial artist and teacher in Jay Carstensen.

Jay represents a new brand of martial artist, both in approach and execution of the martial artist way of looking at things.

Jay is rooted in logic and reason, and open to challenge and controversy as any true fighter and teacher should be.

I encourage you to look at these teachings as an art rather than a science, although it may be presented to you in a scientific way, make no mistake it is an art, it is limitless and it is yours.

Jay represents and extraordinary group of individuals who have unanimously backed him in his efforts and I am deeply honored to be one of these individuals and I hope we meet one day soon.  

Ian Robbins

Jay approaches training and teaching not only with skill and experience but humility and good humor. He is a pleasure to learn from and to learn with.

Nate Bynum

Jay is high energy and creative, two very important characteristics for a teacher. He was a training partner, teacher and inspiration for me to continue on in my pursuit of Pencak Silat.

Pelatih Sterling Heibeck
Pencak Silat Pertempuran Michigan Representative

After more than a quarter century of involvement in the combat sciences, I rarely see anything new.  Jay Carstensen brings something new to this game!  I know a great many martial artists borne of non-traditional backgrounds, but very few who have integrated such training into the comprehensive and gifted expression that Jay imparts to his students.  I am honored to have trained with Jay and consider him an exceptional martial artist and life as well as combat.

Geoffrey Bosmann
United Systems Combat Group

I have known Guro Jay sense he reignited his training in the martial arts. He and I trained together with Sifu Robert Ryan and we developed a strong relationship. We have remained friends through many of life's twists and turns. He stood with me in the beginning with initial ideas of forming a martial arts organization that would fulfill the needs of dedicated martial artists that wanted to grow not only in skill but as people. When I stepped away from KSMA to pursue my professional career goals I felt confident that Guro Jay would carry the group forward. I am pleased to see that I was right.

I highly recommend training with Guro Jay Carstensen if at all possible. I am certain that anyone would benefit in many ways by his tutelage and friendship. 

Brandt Smith
Kali and Silat guy
Past President KSMA

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Due to a medical issue, classes will be taught on Wednesday evenings at 6 and Saturday mornings at 10 until mid-March by my assistant, Jake and he can be contacted by email.

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